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Hello, I am Kara Groff

Redefining the Way 
Of Business

I'm Kara Groff, President of Groff Family Services, and we have been celebrating life's milestones since 1902! The Groff Family legacy is one that spans three generations, beginning with my grandfather, F. Leo Groff. He became a funeral director in 1939 and joined the Frey Funeral home, which was established in 1902. In 1973, my father, Leon J. Groff joined the business and eventually took over the reins. He was a visionary and funeral services entrepreneur, and he instilled within me a growth mindset and work ethic built upon compassion. When my father passed away in 2020, it fell upon me to uphold the progress of the legacy that he had taken part in, and that I now was responsible for furthering. I strive to lead the commitment of celebrating and commemorating life's milestones by adapting our infrastructure into one that allows us to leverage the flexibility of all six of our company's divisions and the varied products and services it provides. We now cater to the celebration of all of life's moments - from baby and bridal showers, to memorializing a life well-lived, and every milestone in-between.

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For over a century, Groff Family Services has provided the members of its community with the highest caliber of support and compassion in times of need. We extend our deepest gratitude to the families and individuals who have placed their trust and confidence in us, and are thankful for the continued growth of those relationships over the years.


As we continue on our journey, we are committed to upholding our longstanding tradition of excellence and responsiveness to the needs of those we serve.



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The Frey Funeral Home was established in 1902 by Fred Frey located at 604 W Washington St. in Sandusky, Ohio.



F. Leo Groff joined the Frey Funeral Home after graduating from the Cleveland School of Embalming.

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